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The Ultimate Guide to Confidence in Crypto

In this free Confidence in Crypto guide, we debunk 3 myths that are holding you back from investing in crypto so you can have passive income and a comfortable lifestyle.

“Everything inside me was screaming that I needed to protect my assets and secure my financial survival. I took an excellent crypto course…but still felt overwhelmed by the constant changing crypto landscape.….Until I met Kelly Beauchesne, a crypto mentor who enjoys helping her clients become comfortable and proficient in trading crypto while building a portfolio to dispel any worries of financial doom. Kelly has a big heart and has supported me on my path to financial freedom. She helped me avoid disastrous pitfalls while building my confidence to trade profitably. What I love about Kelly is …She is All In. I can count on her. She is genuine, informed, insightful, encouraging …and patient!...Everything I want from my crypto guide.”


"Working with Kelly, founder of Confidence in Crypto, has changed my whole experience of investing in crypto. She gets how to help a “newbie” like me because she has been there herself. I trust her. Her teaching style is so helpful because she is patient and invites questions, in addition to being very knowledgeable and competent. Kelly's attention to detail, dedication, and personalized approach truly sets Confidence in Crypto apart. From our initial consultation, I felt like Kelly genuinely cared about my needs, my retirement through Crypto, and she goes above and beyond to exceed my expectations. Weekly, we update my portfolio, changing any trades I need, learning about new coins, and setting up my portfolio and strategy on creating passive income now, as well as an amazingly abundant retirement through Crypto. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking a personal touch and exceptional expertise with someone who is passionate to work with Crypto newbies.

Nancy G.

“I have enjoyed Kelly teaching me about cryptocurrencies. I learned a lot because Kelly is patient and gives me time to learn the material presented and walks me through the steps to complete a trade. I have learned about how to transfer crypto from an exchange to a cold wallet for safekeeping. I learned about the different kinds of blockchains there are and how to interact with them through different exchanges. My favorite lesson from Kelly was about bot trading. I found that lesson really helped my comprehension of cryptocurrencies and trading. From my experience working with others, I felt Kelly has a tremendous amount of knowledge of crypto and the right mindset to teach others. She is so patient with me and takes the time to explain the concepts and finally applies those lessons to actually trading crypto. What a blast - can't wait to learn more! Thank you Kelly B”

Nairda S.

“As a newbie to the crypto market, I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to work with Kelly Beauchesne. Her background in accounting is a plus, but more than that she has the ability to explain something that I am not familiar with in layman's terms. It gives me great comfort to know when it comes to my finances that I’m not just investing on a whim. Her personal knowledge is invaluable to me, and I think others will agree! Thank you, Kelly!!”

Susan F.